This is one of the first things I noticed after watching The Lion King again as a teenager. It struck me so deeply, and I’m surprised I haven’t made a post about it until now. After Mufasa’s death, Scar tells Simba that “the King is dead, and if wasn’t for you he’d still be alive…”. This information alone is enough to scar Simba mentally, but it’s the added remark concerning Simba’s mother that really makes it sink in. As we all know, this scene could be argued as the defining moment in Simba’s life, and the lion he will one day become.

That’s what brings me to the scene further on in the movie when Simba reunites with his childhood friend, Nala. Seeing Nala again is already beginning to bring back memories of the past, and his old life in the Pridelands, but it’s when she says “And your mother- what will she think?” that brings him back to the pivotal moment in his life, and at the same time reminds him of the responsibilities he’s been trying to forget. Even though Nala is saying this in a positive context: suggesting that everyone (including his mother) will be pleased he is alive, we can see from Simba’s reaction that he is not on the same page. I believe this is because he is being reminded of when Scar said nearly the same thing to him after Mufasa’s death.

The Lion King has always been my favourite movie, but it’s things like this, the really subtle things that have always amazed me the most.


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mas Simpsons aqui


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